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Kedarnath Helicopter Services

In a recent move, it has been announced that the pilgrims can book the Kedarnath Helicopter Booking Online. The Kedarnath temple, one amongst the twelve jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, where Kedar is the alternative name of Lord Shiva, the defender, and also the destroyer. In step with legend, the Pandavas when having gained a victory over the Kaurav within the Kurukshetra war felt guilty of getting killed by their brothers and wanted the blessings of Lord Shiva for salvation. He evaded them repeatedly and whereas fleeing took refuge at Kedarnath within the variety of a bull. On being attended he dived into the bottom, going his hump on the ground.

The remaining parts of Lord Shiva occurred at four alternative places and are loved there as his phenomena. The arms occurred at Tungnath, the face at Rudranath, the belly at Madhmaheshwar, and his locks with head at Kalpeshwar. Kedarnath and also the four above-named temples have behaved as Panch Kedar.

Kedarnath Helicopter Services

This article explains the complete details about the Kedarnath Helicopter Services, Guide to Book the Helicopter Services in Kedarnath, Details about the Priced of the Helicopter Services on the Official Portal of Heli Services online.

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Details about Kedarnath Helicpoter Services

Let us see the details about the Kedarnath Helicopter Services, as shown below.

  • The number of devotees towards Kedarnath is increasing day by day. Every class of people has a wish to visit Kedarnath once in their life.
  • This is a big reason for a thick crowd in the transportation system of Kedarnath. For all the devotees there is great news that the daily helicopter services have been launched to visit Kedarnath.
  • The devotees will be able to visit by air daily. Even within a day, they can return to their house. If they wish then they can stay there too.
  • To entertain your wish, there are so many companies who have risen as the medium of air transportation.
  • They are ready to assist you from ticket booking to temple visits.

Kedarnath Helicopter Services List

Let us see the helicopter services for the pilgrims of Kedarnath, as shown below.

  • Pravatam Aviation – It possesses a fleet of helicopters that can carry at least 6 passengers. It can fly up to 418 kilometers.
  • Pawan Hans – It starts its journey from Phata and Agustmuni to Kedarnath. It is a 5 seater’s helicopter.

Pricing Details of Kedarnath Helicopter Services

Let us see the details about the pricing of the Kedarnath Helicopter Services, as shown below.

  • The price of the ticket is 6,990/- only. The amount will be taken for the entire journey from Phata to Kedarnath and Kedarnath to Phata.
  • You can also book the ticket in urgency if the seats are available.
  • You can choose only Phata to Kedarnath or only Kedarnath to Phata.
  • The kids less than 2 years will be granted to take 10% off from the entire cost. And they will not be provided individual seats.

Terms and Conditions of Kedarnath Heli Services

  • For the morning slot, the passengers need to confirm the ticket within 6 is to 10 am. For the night slot, the passengers need to confirm the ticket within 10 am to 12 pm.
  • The passengers are delivered the tickets on which the time of reporting only is mentioned.
  • Passengers are petitioned to contact the Phata office the day before their journey with a CTT voucher.

Details about Kedarnath Flight Allocations

  • The passengers may have to wait for at least 2-3 hours for the departure of the flight. Sometimes the time may have to wait for 4 to 5 hours as per the condition of weather and the situation of the transport system.
  • If the helicopter will be canceled as per their nuisance. Then the fare will be refunded. The tickets are not be forwarded for the next day.
  • The passengers will not be granted for carrying more than 90 kg. If they carry more than 90 kg. Then they have to pay more.
  • For more than 120 kg the passengers have to pay the cost of a double ticket.
  • Senior citizens and handicapped people will be bestowed more preferences.

How to Book Kedarnath Helicopter Services Online

Let us see the online procedure to book the Kedarnath Helicopter Services.

  • First, you have to visit the official portal.
  • A Home Page will appear on the screen.
How to Book Kedarnath Helicopter Services Online
  • Here you can ‘User Registration’ option.
  • In this option, you need to choose your nationality, Aadhaar card number, valid mobile number, and email address.
How to Book Kedarnath Helicopter Services Online
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • Now go to the Home Page again. Here you can tap on ‘User Login.
  • With your previously created username and password can be able to log in.
 Book Kedarnath Helicopter Services Online
  • Now, you can choose the place-wise helicopter with the required seats.
  • You will be directed to the payment option.
  • After ensuring the payment, your ticket booking will be confirmed. A mail will be sent with your e-ticket.

Details of Helicopter Timings

  • The devotees are allowed to visit the temples of Kedarnath for 1 hour and 30 minutes. And if the devotees expect to stay for the entire day, can contact the flight at 11.30 am.

All the interested people can visit the Official Portal of Kedarnath Helicopter Services and Book online.

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