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The Rajasthan government has started the Rajasthan SSO ID to offer online facilities to citizens. The complete form of SSO is a Single Sign-On ID.

The SSO id helps the citizens of Rajasthan to use their names and password for different online functions. By using the Rajasthan SSO ID login, citizens of Rajsthan can link themselves to the online service offered by more than 100 departments. So, this page will help you in getting complete information about Rajasthan SSO ID.

SSO ID Rajasthan

About SSO ID

The best part about the single sign-on Rajasthan SSO ID portal is that you can get access to all e-services with a single click. Anyone can avail of the benefits of SSO ID. No matter if you are a student, a private employee, or a businessman, the SSO ID is equally accessible to all.

The portal will help you get online services from all government departments. For example, you can get in touch with departments like e-Mitra, Bhamashah card services, employment services, as well as online recruitment forms.

In addition, if you want to use services like electricity bill deposition, water bill deposition, or if you’re going to withdraw and deposit money online, the SSO ID will help you in getting all these services within a single click. The best part about this is that students will also get scholarships if they have completed their SSO Rajasthan id registration.

SSO Rajasthan – New Registration, Apply, Login @sso.rajasthan.gov.in

Anyone who wants to avail of the services of Rajasthan government schemes needs to register themselves at the SSO ID registration. If you have never tried the registration process, you can visit the official Rajasthan SSO Portal.

You will be elated to know that SSO registration is entirely free. If you belong to Rajasthan and if you have not created your SSO ID, this page will help you in getting complete details.

Objectives and benefits of Rajasthan SSO ID

The main objective of SSO ID is to offer benefits regarding all types of government schemes online through a single portal. Thus, this is one step ahead in making the Rajasthan government digitally strong. By using the SSO ID, the people of Rajasthan will get the advantages of all schemes with ease.

SSO ID Rajasthan – What are the benefits

Following are the significant benefits of Rajasthan SSO ID:

  1. Easy application for government jobs
  2. Payment of electricity bills
  3. Payment of water bills
  4. Registration to government jobs
  5. Registration to government departments like e-Mandi
  6. Online RTI
  7. Online services like Adhar card
  8. Scholarship systems
  9. Bhamashah Registration
  10. Registration of businesses

SSO ID Registration – Apply @sso.rajasthan.gov.in

In this section, we will throw light on how to complete the Rajasthan SSO ID online registration. The first significant point is that to be eligible, and it is essential for a person to be a citizen of Rajasthan. Following are the needed registration for SSO registration:

Aadhar card or the Bhamashah Card, BRN Number for business, and SIPF ID for government employees.

Follow these steps for registration:

  • Visit the official website at: sso.rajasthan.gov.in
  • Click on the link that says registration
  • Select the option of ID proof. Some of the options include Aadhar card, Bhamashah Card, or Google ID
rajasthan sso id create
  • After entering all these details, you will get an SSO login ID and password.

If you face any issues in the SSO registration process, you can also watch the SSO ID registration video as a demo. You will find a link on the official website.

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SSO Rajasthan Login – Sign in at sso.rajasthan.gov.in

Successfully registered users will be able to login into their account and apply for various schemes and services offered by the Rajasthan government. Here is the process to login into the official portal:

  • Head to sso.rajasthan.gov.in
sso rajasthan login
  • Enter your newly created username and password
  • Enter the captcha code and click “Login”

List of Services Available on Rajasthan SSO ID

Let us see the list of services available online on the Rajasthan SSO ID Portal, as shown below.

  1. SSO ID for Arms License
  2. Artisan Registration
  3. Attendance MIS
  4. Bank correspondence
  5. Bhamashah
  6. E-Sakhi
  7. E-Tulaman
  8. EbayBazaar, E-Devsthan, EHR, EID
  9. E-learning, Electrical Inspectorate
  10. Business Registration
  11. Challenge for change,
  12. CHMS
  13. DCEAPP
  14. Higher Technical and Medical Education (HTE)
  15. Integrated Health Management System (IHMS)
  16. E-Library, E-Mitra and E-Mitra Reports
  17. GSP Consultancy, GST Home Portal
  18. BPAS (UDH)
  19. BRSY, BSBY
  20. IFMS-RajSSP
  21. I start
  22. ITI APP
  23. Job Fair
  24. Labor Department Management System (LDMS)
  25. Local Self Government (LSG)



Following are the FAQs that will help you in registration for SSO ID Rajasthan.

Anyone who is a citizen of Rajasthan can apply for SSO ID registration.

No, citizens of Rajasthan do not have to pay any fee for SSO ID registration. The entire process is entirely free.

There are many benefits of SSO ID registration. Some of them include the registration of government schemes, payment of water bills, electricity bills, and scholarships.

We hope this page will help you in getting lots of information about the SSO ID registration. If you want to know more, you can get in touch with us.

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