Smart City Dehradun Registration, Register Online, Download Certificate

October 8, 2021
Smart City Dehradun Registration

Visit the Smart City Dehradun website, which serves as the city’s official gateway, to get an e-pass for anybody wishing to enter. Visitors, government workers, frequent commuters, and just about anybody else will find it quite useful. The emergence of the coronavirus is the main reason for introducing this e-pass. While the pandemic was in full swing and is still going on, all states had taken measures to limit migration. It is impossible to predict when this tragedy will come to an end. It seems like innovations appear every day. The authorities took this step to limit the virus’s outcome and prevent the disease from spreading rapidly in future outbreaks. If you are traveling by vehicle via Dehradun, you will still need an e-pass to go past the border checkpoint. Therefore, you must understand the process of applying for the Smart City Dehradun Registration.

Smart City Dehradun Registration

This article explains the complete details about the Smart City Dehradun Registration, Eligibility for E-Pass, Step by Step Process to Register Online, Guide to Download the Certificate Online on the Official Portal of Smart City Dehradun.

Eligibility for Smart City Dehradun E-Pass

Let us see the eligibility criteria that an applicant should fulfil to get eligible for the Dehradun Smart City e-Pass.

  • Anyone traveling to or through Uttarakhand should read this.
  • To go from one district to another inside Uttarakhand itself.
  • Officials from the Department of Forests and Wildlife
  • Officials are those who are associated with the Government of India or who are employed by the government.
  • Officials have a connection to the police.
  • Officials from the bank

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How to Register Online for Dehradun Smart City e-Pass as a Tourist

Let us see the step by step process to register online for Smart City Dehradun E-Pass, as shown below.

  • To register for the Smart City Dehardun portal, you must go to the official website of the Smart City Dehardun portal.
  • This link will lead you to the online application page, which is a subpage of the main page of the official site, after you have clicked on it.
  • is the domain name for the website.
How to Register Online for Dehradun Smart City e-Pass as a Tourist
  • Make a decision between several request types from drop-down menus, which include options such as coming to Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand to another state, and Inter-district Uttarakhand, among other options.
  • Complete the form by inputting the traveller’s details, including the registration category, registration subcategory, trip date, and so on. After that, click “Submit Form.” Covid Travelling E-Pass Uttarakhand
  • Now, enter the current status of your covid report, the state in which it was conducted, the name of the lab, and the date of the test into the appropriate fields.
  • After that, you should specify whether or whether you have previously gone overseas.
  • To begin your trip, choose your district, urban or rural, and an address to depart under the traveling from the section.
Covid Travelling E-Pass Uttarakhand
  • Now is the time to complete the application’s required information fields.
  • Make a schedule for your vacation.
  • Upload the proof of your residency as well as the results of the Covid 19 test to your account.
  • After reading and agreeing to all of the terms and conditions, click on the submit button to complete the process.
Deharadun Smart City Pass Apply

Uttarakhand Isolation Undertaking Registration Form

  • Click on this link, and you will get directed to the home isolation registration form of Uttarakhand.
UK Home Isolation Undertaking Registration Form
  • You can see the registration below.
UK Home Isolation Undertaking Registration Form
  • Now, enter the name, mobile number, age, gender, be, and other details.
UK Smart City Dehradun E Pass
  • Now answer the question asked if you have contacted someone or not.
  • Enter the covid 19 test number and the date of commencement of the covid 19 infection.
UK Smart City E Pass
  • After that, enter your symptoms; now enter your district name and whether urban or rural.
Smart City Uttarakhand E Pass

How to Download Smart City Dehradun Certificate Online

Let us see the online procedure to download the Certificate for E-Pass on the Official Portal, as shown below.

  • First, complete your registration by undertaking the curfew, traveling, and isolations undertaking form. Then, you can visit the Smart city Dehradun portal and download it online.
  • Click Here to get directly redirected to download the e-pass on the official portal.

FAQs on Smart City Dehradun Registration

Will I be able to apply to a Home Isolation Undertaking Pass via the government’s website?

Those interested in applying for the Home Isolation Undertaking Pass must do so online via the official website.

For entry into the city, is it required to provide the e-pass issued by the smart city Dehradun website?

The Smart City Dehradun Portal requires that you first get an e-pass from the portal to access it. It has been decided to create new rules, and the administration has also agreed to implement them. Because of this, it is necessary to adjust oneself to comply with them and to obey the law. The legislation states that you violate the law if you just stroll into the city without an e-pass.

Where can I find the official website to apply to visit the city as a tourist?

The e-pass may be obtained by registering on the Smart City Dehradun website, the official gateway. By clicking on the link, you will be sent directly to the website. After clicking on it, you will be sent to the relevant website.

Do I need to provide any documents to register online for Uttarakhand E Pass Online on the portal?

Yes, the applicants should provide the essential documents to register themselves online for Smart City Uttarakhand E Pass.