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Amazon app contains a fun zone section that contains exciting games. These games include Daily spin & win, jackpot, and various quizzes. You can win rewards by playing these games and answering the questions correctly for quizzes.

Today’s Amazon Quiz answers [current_date]

Every week, new quizzes are introduced and exciting prices are given. Let’s find out which quizzes are live this week and what are the answers to the questions asked

Amazon daily quiz Answers Today[current_date]

Amazon Daily Quiz time Answers [current_date]

Question: Sotheby's has recently sold an NFT of the original source for what, for over $5 million on behalf od Tim Berners-Lee?
Answer: World Wide Web

Question: in 2021, Ebraheem Raeesi was elected as president of which country?
Answer: Iran

Question: National Maritime heritage complex is being set up in India in which of these places?
Answer: Lothal

Question: Which ancient monument is shaped as a combination of man and this animal?
Answer: Sphinx

Question: What type of product did this company sell and rent out when it first started operations?
Answer : DVDs

Amazon Olympics quiz answers

Amazon quiz answers today [current_date]

Participating in the Olympics quiz and answering correctly can win you Rs. 5000 on amazon pay. Simply click on “start” to start the quiz. Below are the questions and their answers:

Question: Guess this women weightlifter who recently won a silver medal in Tokyo Olympics

Answer: Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

Question: Who is the first Indian Fencing player to win a match at Olympics

Answer: Bhavani Devi

Question: When were the first recorded Olympics held?

Answer: 776 BC

Question: Which Indian women Gymnast is going to represent India in Tokyo Olympics?

Answer: Pranati Nayak

Question: Which of the following sports made their debut at the Olympics 2020?

Answer: Karate

Fast&Up find your protein Quiz answers

This quiz is based on the video that is available on the quiz page. You are advised to watch the 38 seconds video first. Participating in the quiz and answering all the questions correctly can win you up to Rs. 10,000 amazon pay a reward

After watching the video, click on “click here to start”

Question: Fast&Up ‘Your nutrition partner in fitness, immunity & daily good health stands for intelligent nutrition. True or false? Hint – Watch the video till the end to answer.

Answer: True

Question: According to the video, what are the two whey proteins launched by Fast&Up?

Answer: Fast&Up Whey Advanced & Whey Essentials

Question: Fast&UP Whey Protein contains 100% pure Whey protein?

Answer: TRUE

Question: What are the main features which make fast&up Whey protein superior to any other protein in the market?

Answer: All of the above

Question: Fast&up Advanced whey is the trusted ‘Choice of Protein’ of which Bollywood actor & celebrity?

Answer: Varun Dhawan

Amazon Daily wellness quiz Answers

A daily wellness quiz can also win you up to Rs. 10,000 amazon pay the balance. In order to participate and answer the questions, you are asked to watch the video first. Watch the 35 seconds video first and then click on “click here to start” to start the quiz.

Question: Is Amla present in Kapiva Supergrain Oats – Homestyle masala?

Answer: Yes

Question: Kapiva super grains oats is enriched with 4 whole grains namely – Oats, ragi, Moong, Amarnath

Answer: True

Question: Kapiva Anandam tea is enriched with the following ingredients Lavender, Ashwagandha, Rose, Basil

Answer: True

Question: Kapiva Aanandam tea helps you destress and relax?

Answer: True

Question: What kind of Teabag does Kapivaa Anandam tea contain?

Answer: Pyramid Teabag

Amazon Quality verified quiz

In order to participate in this quiz and answer the questions correctly, you need to visit the Quality verified page whose link is given on the same page. Visit the page, understand all about the programs and then start answering the questions of the amazon quality-verified quiz

Question: What is the name of the program that gives you a worry-free furniture buying experience?

Answer: Quality verified

Question: Which of the following is NOT a part of a quality-verified program?

Answer: Clothes

Question: Which of the following are the benefits of the Quality Verified program for Furniture?

Answer: All of the above

Question: XX+ products are quality verified:

Answer: 6000

Question: What all are protected against quality verified?

Answer: All of the above

Tecno POVA 2 Quiz Answers

You can win a Rs 1000 amazon pay balance in this quiz.

Question: What is the camera setup on the POVA 2?

Answer: 48MP Quad camera

Question: What is the battery capacity of POVA 2?

Answer: 7000mAh

Question: What is the processor in POVA 2?

Answer: Mediatek G85

Question: What is the screen size of POVA 2?

Answer: 6.95″

Question: What is the screen resolution of POVA 2?

Answer: FHD+

OnePlus Buds Pro Quiz

There are few things that you need to do, in order to correctly participate in the quiz. You need to click on the “Notify me” button to stay updated about the latest Oneplus buds pro. Then you need to take the quiz and finally tweet all your correct screenshots on Twitter tagging @amazonIN, @OnePlus_IN and use the hashtags #OnePlusBudsPro #HearTheUnheard

Here are the answers :

Question: The latest OnePlus buds pro comes with __dB Smart adaptive Noise cancellation technology?

Answer: 40

Question: Oneplus buds pro features warp charge technology which offers 10 hours of playtime for 10 minutes of charge

Answer: TRUE

Question: Oneplus buds pro is equipped with 11mm dynamic drivers for a precisely boosed sound profile designed to move you. What other features do the earbuds offer?

Answer: All of the above

Question: Oneplus buds pro offers you a worry-free battery experience of up to __ hours

Answer: 38

Question: Oneplus buds pro offers crystal clear calls with AI-powered noise reduction algorithms and 3 noise-reducing microphones that help in voice isolation during the call.

Answer: True

Oneplus Buds pro-Spin & Win up to Rs. 1,00,000

  • Open up the spin and win page & click on Spin
  • Then click on “Claim your price” to enter the quiz page.

Here are the answers to the questions :

Question: The latest Oneplus buds pro offers 40dB Smart Adaptive Noise cancellation technology. What other features do the earbuds offer?

Answer: All of the above

Redmi Note 10T 5G Quiz

Question: When was the 1st Redmi note launched in India?

Answer: 2014

Question: How many Redmi notes have been shipped all across the world to date?

Answer: 20 Cr+

Question: Which is or will be the first 5G phone launched by Redmi in India?

Answer: Redmi note 10T 5G

Question: When will Redmi Note 10T 5G be launched in India?

Answer:20 July

Question: How many note series devices have been launched in India in 2021

Answer: 4

Advantage – Just for Prime Quiz Answers

Question: Just for prime is eligible only for prime customers

Answer: True

Question: What are the benefits for advantage – Just for the prime program?

Answer: Both a and b

Question: Potential saving for customers on purchase of Advantage – Just for prime will be?

Answer: Minimum 40% additional saving

Question: Minimum. 3 months additional No cost EMI feature, is eligible only on HDFC cards?

Answer: True

Question: What are the features of Free Screen replacement – Powered by Acko?

Answer: All of the above.

Galaxy M21-21 Edition Quiz Answers

Question: What is the camera set up on the Galaxy M21 2021 edition?

Answer: 48MP Triple camera

Question: What is the battery capacity of the Galaxy M21 2021 edition?

Answer: 6000mAh

Question: What is the industry-leading display technology of the galaxy M21 2021 edition?

Answer: Super AMOLED

Question: What is the screen size of the galaxy M21 2021 edition?

Answer: 6.4 inches

Question: What is the screen resolution of the Galaxy M21 2021 edition?

Answer: FHD+

realme Bids Wireless 2 Neo Quiz

Question: What are the latest wireless Bluetooth Headphones being launched by realme?

Answer: Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Question: The battery on the realme buds wireless 2 neo is capable of providing how many hours of playtime?

Answer: Up to 17 hours

Question: Which of the following features describe the new realme Buds Wireless 2 neo?

Answer: All of the above

Question: The realme Buds wireless 2 neo uses ___ algorithm that significantly reduces the surrounding noise so that your voice can be clearly heard during phone calls?

Answer: Environmental noise cancellation (ENC)

Question: realme buds wireless 2 neo supports magnetic fast pair, where you can separate the buds to continue the track and clip them together to disconnect and save battery life

Answer: True

Galaxy M21 2021 Quiz Spin & Win

Spin the wheel, claim your prize by answering. Here are the quiz answers:

Question: What is the maximum charging wattage Galaxy M21 2021 Edition can support?

Answer: 15W

Vivo y73 Quiz Answers

Question: What is the thickness of ultra-sleek Vivo Y73?

Answer: 7.38mm

Question: What is the specification of the Vivo y73 rear camera?

Answer: 64MP

Question: Vivo y73 comes with 3GB extendable ram?

Answer: True

Question: Vivo Y73 comes loaded with _____ flash charge technology.


Question: Which camera mode of Vivo y73 makes your nights brighter

Answer: Super night mode.

Amazon daily spin and win

Daily spin and win is an exciting game in the amazon fun zone that can give you rewards daily. All you need to do is, spin the wheel and hope for exciting awards. If you win, you collect and use the rewards within the app.

How to play the daily Spin and Win game

  • Head to the fun zone section in your Amazon app.
  • Look for the “Daily Spin and Win” section and tap on it
  • Now, a spin wheel will appear on your screen, to start it, click on “Spin”
  • If you are lucky enough, you can will rewards
  • To collect your award, simply click on the “Claim your prize” button
  • You will be then asked to answer a question to collect your reward. Simply click on the “Answer the question button”
  • Now answer the asked question correctly.
  • If your answer is correct, you will enter the lucky draw
  • On the next day, the names of the lucky winners will be disclosed.