Pledis Entertainment Audition 2022, Application Form, Apply Online, Last Date

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PLEDIS Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment Company founded by Han Sung-Soo in 2007. It has had great success with its girl group, after school over the past few years. As a company of AFTER SCHOOL, NANA, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, BUMZU, Pledis entertainment is looking for the best all-around entertainer for the greater world stage. After School has a strong following in china and japan. More Recently PLEDIS has found great success with Boys Group SEVENTEEN and NUEST. They are looking forward to receiving applications with overloaded talents. They did not mention any Limitations of Gender and Nationality. Audition application is always ongoing. There is no Time Limit for Pledis Entertainment Audition.

Let us take you to this article to make you learn more details regarding the Pledis Entertainment audition.

Pledis Entertainment Audition

This article explains the complete details about the Application Form, steps to apply online, the three-step audition process, details about the Last date of the audition, important instructions to follow to send the application, Eligibility criteria, and the required attachment files for the Audition.

Eligibility Criteria for Pledis Entertainment Audition

  • The persons who are born after 2003 are only eligible to apply for the Auditions.
  • There is no Limitation of Gender and nationality to apply for the Pledis Entertainment Audition.
  • Only those candidates who are qualified in step 1 are allowed for further Audition Process.
  • Edited Photographs are not allowed to send for Auditions.
  • No Offline Applications are allowed in the Auditions by the Pledis Entertainment Company.

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Pledis Entertainment Audition Web Portal

Let us follow the steps to download the Application from the Official website to apply for the audition by Pledis Entertainment.

  • Click Here open the official portal of the Pledis Entertainment, then a new page of Pledis Entertainment will appear on the screen as shown below.
 Pledis Entertainment Audition Web Portal
  • In the above page, click on Apply for Audition and copy the Application form from How to apply and send it to the Email provided by the team.
  • The Audition Application is Always On-going.
  • Trainee will not cover any expenses once the contract is signed.

How to Apply Online for Pledis Entertainment Audition- Online Registration Form

Let us see the step by step procedure that has to be followed by the Applicant to apply online

  • Copy the Application from the Official Website and fill out the form.
  • In the application form the person has to enter His/ Her Name at first.
  • Next enter the date of Birth and Nationality of the Candidate.
  • Next the participant has to enter their Height/weight.
  • In the Next Step the candidate has to provide the School, Contact Information/SNS ID.
  • Finally a Special Note of their choice should be entered by the Candidate.
How to Apply Online for Pledis Entertainment Audition- Online Registration Form
  • Then upload the Application Form in the Email Id provided by the Company.
  • The Candidate has to upload their photos and video along with the application.
  • Then send the Attachment to the company Email Id

Required Attachment Files for the Pledis Entertainment Auditions

Let us see the Attachment files that are required for the Applicant to apply for the Auditions

  • The Applicant need to attach at least three pictures including Face front view and Whole Body. Edited pictures will not be allowed for the Auditions.
  • A one to three minute video/Audio files of the participant with a little introduction of their talent.

Audition Process of Pledis Entertainment

Let us see the auditions instructions given by the Company for the participants.

  • The Candidate has to send the Application to the company as a first step.
  • If the participant is qualified then they will be reached to the Next Round.
  • If you are not qualified in the First Step, then you will not get the notification of the company.
  • The Qualified candidates will be called for the Spot meeting by the Company casting Team.
  • After the Selection in the show you will be signed the contract with the Company.
  • No unofficial individual Applications will be encouraged by the Company.

Last Date to Apply for Pledis Entertainment Auditions

Let us see the last date to apply for the Pledis Entertainment audition for the Interested Candidates.

  • It is a very comfortable feature of Pledis Entertainment Company that there is no last date for the auditions.
  • Individuals can apply online without any Date Restriction.
  • The Company always accepts the online Applications from the persons who have talents.

Important Instructions for Pledis Entertainment Application

Let us see the important instructions to be followed to apply for the application online.

  • Incomplete Attachments in the application will be rejected by the Audition Team in Step1.
  • So participants have to completely check and send their Applications.
  • Participants have to attach two photographs with front face view and whole body view.
  • The photos should not be edited before sending to the Auditions.

Download of Pledis Online Application through Mobile app

Let us see the Procedure to download the application through mobile Phones

  • You can sort by recently updated in the pdf Application forms
Download of Pledis Online Application through Mobile app
  • You can download the PDF Application from the Pledis Entertainment App in the Play store.
  • Download the Application form And Enter the Complete Details required such as Name, Gender, Nationality, School details,job Name,SNS Id,Height/Weight,Mobile Number,Your Talents,Activities,Audition Experiences And Date of Submission and Signature.
 Pledis Online Application through Mobile app
  • Also you can upload and attach your photos and video and send the Application easily through Email address provided by the Company.
 Pledis Online Application on Mobile app

Pledis Entertainment auditions 2022 FAQ’s

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