(1 Crore) Flowers Oru Kodi, How to Apply, Participate, Online Registration, Email Address

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Flowers TV is known for producing shows that are both creative and entertaining. After taking a brief hiatus, Flowers TV plans to make a triumphant return in the future. It is all prepared for the Flowers Oru Kodi program to return to the small screen and replicate the success it has already achieved. The show is conducted by Flowers TV in the format of a question and answer session. The winner of the quiz show will get a cash reward of one crore rupees. The event will be hosted by Sreekandan Nair, who will also perform. It is a very well-known program that is a pleasure for those who watch it on a small screen. The television audience is in for a great treat since this program is a universally adored phenomenon.

The show is split into several sections, each of which assesses the participant’s competence, bravery, and intellect in various ways. Massive setbacks the performance, and the organizers do all they can to ensure that the show is successful. The program is presented in an international manner that adheres to all of the established regulations. It most certainly urges the audience to take part in the performance. There is a procedure to follow to be eligible for the Flowers Tv Oru Kodi 1 crore reward. To be eligible to participate in the show, you must submit an application and register online. Read this page to learn more about the application, registration, and email address procedures in detail.

(1 Crore) Flowers Oru Kodi

This article explains the complete details of the 1 Core Flowers Oru Kodi Scheme, Step by Step Guide to Apply Online for Flowers Oru Kodi Program, Guide to Participate in Flowers Oru Kodi, Procedure for Online Registration, and Email Address.

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How to Apply/Participate for Flowers Oru Kodi Online

Let us see the step by step guide to apply online for Flowers Oru Kodi, as shown below.

  • Many individuals have previously seen the program as an audience member and are now interested in participating in the performance.
  • The procedure for taking part in the program is straightforward.
How to Apply Online for Flowers Oru Kodi
  • You must submit information about your data to a certain email address.
  • If you are interested in participating in the “Flowers Oru Kodi” program, you should provide a colour photograph as well as your biodata.

  • If you are essential to the program, your biodata should include details on how you contribute. The information must include the reasons why they should choose you. The information must include all of the hard work you have put in to participate in the performance. For your biodata to be effective, it must demonstrate your dedication, hard effort, and patience.

Oru Kodi Email Address

  • When you are through with the preparations of your colour picture and biodata, you should submit them to the official email address fk@flowerstv.in for consideration.
  • You may also send entries through postal mail. For further information, including the location and phone number, call this number: 7593829838.
  • They will do the audition via email and snail correspondence. Following that, the selectors will contact the applicants who have been chosen.
  • If you are chosen, you will be contacted by the organization. The rest of the cast will be on display and rocking it.
  • It is the procedure for applying to and participating in the Oru Kodi program, which awards one crore reward money to the person who does so online.

FAQs on Flowers Oru Kodi Scheme

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