UP Ration card list 2022 online check, download @nfsa.up.gov.in, district wise

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The corona epidemic has taken a formidable form in Uttar Pradesh. Yogi government has announced free ration for all ration cardholders. Almost fifteen million rations under the rationing scheme will be provided to the cardholders of free rations by the state government. The benefit of all such schemes is available only if your name is registered in the UP ration card list. In this article, you will know how you can search your name in the UP Ration card list, or you can somehow download the UP ration card new list on your mobile or computer.

UP Ration Card list 2022 online check BPL / APL is issued annually by the government department NFSA. The names of many new families are also added to the UP Ration Card List. The names of such families are also removed, which are not entitled to ration cards. So checking the Uttar Pradesh ration card list can be a good reason for you. You can make sure that this year your name has appeared in the ration card list or not?

UP Ration card list online check

This article helps you to check UP Ration card list 2022, Highlights of Ration Card UP and search the list district wise too. Here you get to know how to download the list on the official UP Ration card list 2022 @nfsa.up.gov.in.

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UP Ration Card list – Download @nfsa.up.gov.in

In Uttar Pradesh, ration cards are given to the beneficiaries of BPL and APL families, so if you want to see the list of BPL and APL ration cards, then you can do so through the website of nfca.up.gov.in because the UP Ration Card list district wise has been provided on the website of nfsa.up.gov.in. If you are the first time beneficiary (NFSA beneficiary) for the ration card, you can check your name information online in this list.

Viewing Up Card List 2022 can be beneficial for people who recently made an application to add their name to the ration card list. Any interested people can also check the ration card list who want to know whether their name is included in the list this year or not.

UP Ration Card List 2022 Highlights

Scheme NameUP Ration Card UP Ration Card online
Related Departments Food and Logistics Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh
StateUttar Pradesh
Official website nfca.up.gov.in
 BeneficiaryAll ration card holders of Uttar Pradesh

UP Ration Card List Eligibility Criteria

  • Through ration cards, we not only get ration at cheap ration shops, but it is also a very important identity card. The government also makes various announcements for the ration cardholders.
  • If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and have applied for a ration card, or even if you are not a ration cardholder, you will still get the UP ration card list from time to time.
  • This is important because the ration card has already been linked with the Aadhar card, and the Aadhar card is linked with the PAN card. Government employees check the information of ration cardholders from time to time, and if someone’s income exceeds the fixed amount or there is such an increase in property which is known through the PAN card.
  • In such a situation, the name is taken out from the ration card list. So if your name was on the list last year, it doesn’t need to still be in the UP Ration Card name list 2022.

NFSA UP New Ration Card List 2022 can be seen by the people of both urban and rural areas. If you live in a rural area, you will see the panchayat wise online list. If you live in an urban area, city body-wise, see your name in the UP ration card list. The process of viewing the list of beneficiaries of the ration card in both cases is almost the same, and it can be viewed through the facility sitting at home.

People Excluded from Ration Card List

These people of the rural area will be excluded from the eligibility list:

  • Income taxpayer
  • Families where there will be a four-wheeler or tractor, harvester, air-conditioner or generator.
  • Families of which any member alone or in the ownership of other member has more than five acres of irrigated land.
  • Families whose members have more than one Weapon License or Arms.

These ration card holders of urban areas will be out of the list

  • Income taxpayer
  • Families have a four-wheeler vehicle or tractor or harvester or AC or generator of 5 KVA.
  • Families have their residential flat of more than 100 sqm carpet area.
  • Families have their own commercial space of 80 sqm or more carpet area.
  • Such families whose family members’ income is more than three lakh rupees per annum.
  • Families whose members have more than one Weapon License or Arms.

If you meet any of the above criteria and your name is still on the ration card list known, your name can always get cut from the list anytime.

People included in the UP Ration Card list

  • Beggars, domestic workers, footwear repairmen, hawkers, rickshaw pullers, leprosy or AIDS patients, orphans or single parents, sweepers and daily wage workers
  • Families of landless labourers
  • The families’ names below the poverty line will be registered in the ration card list.
  • Women who are divorced or living alone
  • Families headed by a destitute woman, handicapped or mentally challenged person, and there is no other adult male in this family.
  • Families who do not have their own home
  • Such families owned by such kutcha houses up to an area of ​​30 square meters, which are on their private land and in which they reside, will be considered included.
  • Members of the transgender community if do not come under the exclusion criteria.

Which is your UP ration card – eligible household or Antyodaya ration card?

  • Before seeing the name in the Uttar Pradesh beneficiary ration card list, make sure that what is the type of your ration card.
  • On having an eligible household card, a ratio will be provided to the family according to the number of people in the house of the eligible person.
  • Antyodaya Ration Card is made for extremely poor families. The ration is provided to such cardholders at very cheap prices.

UP Ration Card list – District wise Download

You can always download the Uttar Pradesh Ration card list 2022 from the official website nfsa.up.gov.in.

The official website has all the details regarding the new Uttar Pradesh Ration card list 2022 and the district wise list. You can view all the details regarding how many are eligible and how many beneficiaries are there. You can also look at all the details regarding district wise distribution of ration.

To get the Uttar Pradesh Ration card list to follow this step-by-step procedure:

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Uttar Pradesh Ration Card nfsa.up.gov.in.
  • On visiting the website, you will have the list in front of you. This list has all the details with district names. Click on the district for which you want the Ration card list.
UP Ration Card list 2022 – District wise
  • Now the screen shows the list of all towns or tehsil of the district. Click on the town or tehsil you desire to get the Ration card list.
UP Ration Card list 2022 – District wise Download
  • Now you will have the list of shopkeepers’ names of that particular town in that particular district, alongside the list of several ration cards and several beneficiaries under 3 different columns, i.e., Eligible household, Antyodaya and contribution. Click on the number of ration cards under your desired column.
Uttar Pradesh Ration Card 2022
  • By clicking on the number of ration cards under the column you want, you get the details of all the Ration cardholders and their details like Digitized ration card number, Holder’s name, Father’s/Husband’s name, Mother’s name, total units and Ration Card Issuance (Digital Signature) Date.
Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List PDF
  • Now by clicking on the Digitized ration card number, you get the full details of the Eligibility list and finished details of the members.
Ration Card List 2022 UP
  • You can download the Uttar Pradesh ration card here.

Uttar Pradesh Ration card list 2022 can be obtained through this step by step procedure. You can download the list as you wish district or town wise or the list of the shopkeepers or even your Ration card.

All the interested applicants can visit the Official Portal and view the UP Ration Card List 2022.

FAQs on UP Ration Card List 2022