PM Kanya Ashirwad Yojana | True? Should you Apply Online for this Scheme or not?

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Team Gyankunj

Many people are enquiring about Pradhan Mantri Kanya aashirwad yojana. Information regarding PM ashirwad scheme is available on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Many messages regarding this scheme are being circulated on WhatsApp too. In this article, we are digging deep to find the truth behind the PM ashirwad yojana and finally, we will reveal the verdict and tell you if you should apply online for this scheme or not.

Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ashirwad Yojana

As per the information available on some sites, under this scheme, all girls can get Rs. 2000 after applying. Interested people are asked to apply for the scheme to take the benefit. Here is the screenshot of one such message posted on Facebook:

PM kanya ashirwad scheme apply online

So let’s sum up what we know about this scheme as per social media posts:

✅ The posts say that PM Narendra Modi has started a scheme namely Pradhan Mantri Kanya ashirwad yojana

✅ It also says that Rs. 2000 will be given under this scheme

✅ It is being told that this benefit will be given to all girl children

PM Kanya Ashirwad Scheme True or Fake

We at are dedicated to providing only verified correct information to our readers, that’s why we decided to investigate this scheme and find the truth.

The very first thing we did was to visit various official portals of the Indian government and look for such a scheme. We visit the schemes page and websites of various states also. To our surprise, we found no scheme with this name.

Next, we went to top news portals like aajtak, and tried to search for PM Kanya aashirwad scheme. Here also, we found nothing at all. Then we went to Facebook and Twitter to find about this scheme. On Twitter, we found a tweet regarding the scheme on the PIB Fact check Twitter handle. This tweet clearly mentioned that no such scheme has been started by the Indian government.

So, clearly, the scheme does not exist officially and is being promoted by some clever minds to collect key information of people. These fraudsters usually set up a page and ask people to enter their Name, Address, Aadhaar number, mobile number, and email ID to fill in the so-called “Application form”. They promote fake schemes like this and get the attention of lots of people and collect their details. Then they sell these details to other fraudsters like hackers.

Shall I apply online for Kanya Ashirwad scheme or not?

As we are certain at this point that this so-called scheme is a fake scheme, you should not apply. Besides, you should also be aware of your known people to not fill in the online application form. As mentioned above, filling the form provides the fraud people with your key information which they can utilize to scam you in the future.

The aim of such hoax schemes is to get as much personal information they can, so that can create a nice database of people with details like Name, mobile number, Email, profession, etc. Then they finally sell such databases to hackers who can then compromise your security.

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4 Important things to notice before your Apply for any government scheme

Every now and then, state and central governments announced new welfare schemes for people. With the presence of fake schemes, it becomes important to know the process to identify between genuine and bogus schemes. Here are the top 4 things that will help you identify :

✔ Look if the scheme information is available on government portals (they usually end with a .gov extension)

✔ See if information regarding the scheme is available on trustworthy news portals like Aajtak,

✔ Read the scheme official notification to find out which ministry is responsible for manage the scheme. Then visit the official website of that ministry or department to verify the existence of such a scheme.

✔ If anything seems fishy, stop right there and do not proceed. Consult any tech-savvy person to clear your doubts


  1. PM Kanya Ashirwad Yojana is a fake scheme
  2. You will not get Rs. 2000 after filling the application form
  3. Do not blindly trust any social media post or Whatsapp message. Try to double-check the information from trustworthy resources. Infact, you should not click any links that don’t look trustworthy.