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The Department of Handicrafts and Handloom of the state of Kashmir has launched a new scheme namely karkhandar scheme. The main objectives of the scheme is the identification of crafts that are currently struggling due to low human interference, such as walnut wood carving, silver filigree, carpet, Kani shawl weaving, Khatamband, and Papier Machine crafts, as well as the provision of training for skill development in these craft areas. Additionally, crafts such as Sozni, Tapestry, Willow Wicker, Ari Staple, Engraved Copperware, Crewel, or any other related craft will be considered during the official acceptance process, which must be approved by the respective Assistant Directors of the Handicrafts & Handloom Department before being accepted.

Since the artisans will have direct access to customized production, new design development, new tools, technological advancements, and above all will be trained in selling according to market demands while keeping in mind the areas where it is most famous, this scheme will be extremely beneficial.

Karkhandar Scheme

The Karkhandar Scheme is especially for the upliftment of the art and crafts sector in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Recently, many artisans who are good experts in craft and have good creativity are being forced to leave their original job and shift to other jobs on a large scale due to receiving low salaries and not having a decent position in society. Therefore, it becomes very much necessary to upscale the primitive techniques being used by the craftsmen and at the same time to inculcate the entrepreneurship qualities in them to be able to link themselves to the producer organizations

JK Karkhandar Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Training centers under the Handicrafts and handloom department have graduated high-scoring trainees or trainees who have previously worked there. The crafts division, which has been battling and working hard for a long time, will be granted a second shot without any limitations being placed on their participation in the competition. A small karkhana must have a minimum of five members, and a large karkhana must have a minimum of ten.

Goals of Karkhandar Yojana Jammu & Kashmir

  1. The Karkhandar Scheme’s main aim is to provide support to the crafts section which has been struggling for a long time and to appreciate their efforts and provide them a good living.
  2. To provide good training ton the trainees and to improve the learning methods, to modify the methodology and the techniques used by the artisans.
  3. To improve the daily salaries of the artisans and craftsmen by grouping them and making more money out of the crafts that they are involved in.
  4. To work together with the producer organizations to induce the skills of the business mindset of the craftsmen and teach them special tactics required to survive in the market.


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How to Apply for J&K Karkhandar Scheme, Online Application Form Download

To enroll in the scheme, you will be required to fill in an application form which is simple and you will be asked your details. The application form is available in the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom.

  • You have to fill in the details asked in Annexure A, Annexure B and also submit an affidavit. First, let’s look at what details have to be filled in Annexure A.

  • As shown in the screen below which is the application form, you have to post your passport size photograph, and fill in your basic details like name, gender, marital status, date of birth with proof, father’s name, occupation, address along with proof.

  • Now, as shown in the below screen, you will be asked about your academic as well as technical qualifications which you will have to fill in along with the proof.

  • Now tick the box yes or no based on if you are registered with the handicrafts and handloom department or not.

  • Now give your aadhar number, banking details. NOTE Be sure to give your bank account details.

Now in annexure B, you will have to fill in the details accordingly in each column given about the award received, about registration with the Cooperative Society or not, location and details of Karkhana, and at last your bank details.

  • This is the last process of applying. You have to fill in the affidavit stating that all the details you have provided are completely true to your knowledge and you are punishable according to the court if the details are wrong.

  • After writing the jurisdiction of the court you come under, recheck the mobile number, email address, bank details, and all other necessary information, and submit this application form in the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom


  1. Participants in the scheme will be compensated monthly for 2000 rupees for their achievements.
  2. In addition to the 2000/month for each trainee, he will earn a total of Rs. 25000/- for logistics, raw materials, and other expenses.
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