Odisha Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme 2022 – Apply Online, Complete Details

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Are you from Odisha and interested in installation of Solar rooftop? You will be glad to know that state government (along with central government) is providing subsidy for Solar Rooftop Installation. This article covers all about the scheme. Know about the eligibility, application process right here.

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Odisha – All you need to Know

India stands out as the country with the solar power sector that is growing the fastest globally. The country’s geographic region ensures that there is an abundance of sunshine available throughout the entire year. India consumes over 5,000 trillion kWh of energy annually, according to several surveys and statistics.

The government has unveiled a number of programmes to utilise solar energy for various purposes. Additionally, the government is promoting solar energy as the principal energy source. One such programme is the Odisha solar rooftop subsidy scheme. This tutorial will be your complete guide to understanding the complete process of solar rooftop online registration Odisha and all other associated details.

Solar Rooftop Odisha – Eligibility, Cost & Application Process

As mentioned before, this article is dedicated to sharing complete details of Solar Rooftop subsidy program in Odisha. Before you know about the application process, you must know about the eligibility and other terms and conditions. These points are discussed later on in the article, let’s take a look at the key features.

Key Features of RTS

An Odisha solar rooftop subsidy scheme that has been exclusively developed for individual users was recently unveiled by the chief minister of Odisha. The main goal of this programme is to provide a 30% subsidy to the user who installs a solar system on their roofs. Let’s find out more about the Odisha scheme:

  • One of the pioneering states to begin developing a climate policy framework is Odisha. All of this is about capturing solar energy and putting it to use in a sensible way.
  • The Grid-connected solar system is the most popular type. These basically consist of the decentralised system that also has the capacity to bolster the grid with residual power. This grid’s primary goal is to cut down on power losses.
  • This programme is primarily intended for utility power users. The small-sized solar panels may be mounted by individuals on their rooftops. This allows users to get the generated power during the day. If there is any extra power, it can be transferred via service connections to the grid.
  • The “Net Meter” is used to measure the power that is transmitted to the grid through the wires. The electricity distribution providers will essentially install this particular meter.

How much Does it cost?

Here is the pricing for Residential customers

Solar Plant Capacity*(in kW)L1 Price Discovered (inclusive of Tax) (Price per kW in INR)*
1 -10 kWRs 38,000
10kW- 100 kWRs 34,000
Above 100 kW-500 kWRs 32,000

Who is Eligible for Solar Rooftop Subsidy in Odisha

  • Any Resident of Odisha
  • Must have enough space on the rooftop for the installation. A shadow free area of only 100 Sft (10 Sqm) per Kw capacity is required.

RTS Odisha – Apply Online for Rooftop Solar, Registration Form 2022

Registration for the Odisha solar rooftop subsidy scheme can be done online by individuals who are looking to avail the benefits and cut down on their electricity costs. This can be done using the official portal of the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency at rts.odisha.gov.in. Let us take a complete look at the online registration process.

  • First, use any internet enabled device to visit the official portal of the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency at rts.odisha.gov.in. A quick Google search can give you the relevant results.
solar rooftop odisha
  • Now, if you want to know the Rooftop capacity for your property, click on the “Know your rooftop capacity” option.
apply for rooftop subsidy odisha
  • On the next page, fill in relevant details like energy consumption, district, price of electricity per unit and other details. After entering all the details as mentioned, click on “Calculate”.
online application
  • Users will find the complete details in the next page.
solar rooftop calculator
  • Now, head back to the homepage of the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency at rts.odisha.gov.in. To apply for the Odisha solar rooftop subsidy scheme, click on the “Apply for Subsidy” option.
check application status
  • On the next page, click on the Register button found at the bottom of the sign in section.
  • A registration form will pop up. Fill in all the details and select how you want the OREDA Channel Partners to contact you from the drop down menu. Click “Submit” when done.
rts odisha online registration
  • Now use the login credentials that you used in the previous step to login to your dashboard.
  • After successfully logging in the portal, find the option for “Apply for Subsidy and NetMeeting”.
apply for subsidy
  • On the next page, users will find a registration form for the Odisha solar rooftop subsidy scheme. Fill in all the details as mentioned. Remember that the user will need to upload their latest electricity bill in this stage.
online form
  • Now click on Part 2 Declaration by Beneficiary and Vendor.
rooftop solar scheme odisha
  • In this page, the user will need to upload two self signed declarations. Click on the “click here to download format” from both the corresponding section to download the files. Scan a signed copy of both the declarations and click on Save.
upload documents
submit declaration
  • The next step is to add bank details. Fill in all the details like account number, IFSC code branch details etc. Also, ensure to upload a copy of a cancelled cheque from the same bank account. Click on save when done.
provide bank details for subsidy
  • Now, click on the “Grid Connectivity”
  • Find all the details about the connection. Click on Save when done. You are now done with the solar rooftop online registration Odisha.
applicant address details

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