Tamilnadu TN Barber Scheme – Rs. 5000 Incentive, Apply, Online Registration, Notification

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In the state of Tamilnadu, the state government has announced a great endeavor. The state government of Tamilnadu is going to donate 5000/- per month to the barbers who are engaged with the temples. The name of the scheme is Tamilnadu TN Barber Scheme – Rs. 5000 Incentive. In this scheme, at first, the barbers will be provided specific identity cards among 1744 barbers. After getting the identity cards, they will be eligible to get the benefit of the incentive.

CE Minister Sekar Babu on 7th September announced that the barbers of temples in Tamilnadu are going to be allotted 5,000/- monthly. The major purpose of this scheme is to improve their ordinary lifestyle. For detailed information of apply, online registration, notification please keep your eyes on this article only.

TN Barber Scheme

This article explains the complete details about the Tamil Nadu Barber Scheme, Rs 5000 Incentive under TN Barber Scheme, Step by Step Guide to Apply Online for TN Barber Scheme, Online Registration Procedure, and the Official Notification PDF on the Official Portal.

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Highlights of TN Tamilnadu Barber Scheme

Let us see the features and highlights of the Tamilnadu Barber Scheme, as shown below.

  • Mr. M.K. Stalin first introduced this great scheme. The scheme is that the barbers who are working in the temples of Tamilnadu state are brought under the privilege of this scheme.
  • Monthly 5,000/- rupees will be granted to 1744 barbers in this state.
  • The scheme is going to be regulated under the Ambit of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department of the State.

Scheme’s name

TN Tamilnadu Barber Scheme

Scheme inaugurated by

State Government of Tamilnadu

Declared by

MK Stalin


The barbers who are engaged in temples


5,000/- monthly

Purpose of the scheme

To improve their lifestyle

ID card

Approved by the state government

Objectives of Rs 5000 TN Tamilnadu Barber Scheme

Let us see the objectives of the TN Tamil Nadu Barber Scheme, as shown below.

  • Actually, in Tamilnadu, the barbers of Tamilnadu state’s temples are leading a poor life. Their earning capability is limited so that they are not able to flourish their lifestyles.
  • For their betterment, the state government of Tamilnadu has announced this great scheme for their privileges. But to come under this scheme the most vital thing is an identity card.
  • Without identity cards, the barbers will not be issued under this scheme. So the first duty of the barbers is to collect the identity cards.
  • For the sake of this scheme, the government has allowed 10.17 crore.
  • Not only are this scheme, the Bhattacharya and the Archana in the temples allotted 1000 rupees per month.
  • But there is a warning; those who are brought under this scheme are not able to take any additional tips from the pilgrims.
  • If the Pilgrims will be caught accepting tips publically. Then their registration will be canceled instantly.

TN Tamilnadu Barber Scheme Eligibility And Documents

If you are willing to get the benefit under this scheme, you must have to follow the below rules.

  • The barber should be a permanent resident of the state of Tamilnadu.
  • The barber must have been allotted with the government issues ID card.
  • They must have a Bonafide certificate.
  • They must have an Aadhaar card.
  • They must have their bank account.

Tamil Nadu Barber Scheme Official Notification

Let us see the official notification details of the Tamil Nadu Barber Scheme Official Notification PDF.

  • Click Here to get directly redirected to the TN Barber Scheme 2021, as shown below.

How to Apply Online for TN Barber Scheme, Online Registration

Let us see the online procedure to apply and online registration for TN Barber Scheme.

  • The online registration process will be done only after achieving the identity card issued by the government of Tamilnadu.
  • You have to submit your identity card to the specific temple where you are working.
  • After that, the amount will be started to be credited directly to your bank account.
  • Still, the state government of Tamilnadu does not declare how you can apply for TN Tamilnadu Barber Scheme 2021 online.
  • When they will announce the registration process, we will update the article soon. You will be given step by step registration process as soon as possible after the government’s declaration. So don’t be upset. Be patient and start with us.

FAQs on TN Barber Scheme 2021