Maharashtra Tanta Mukti Yojana, Complete Details

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The Maharashtra State Government started a new initiative Tanta Mukti Yojana across the state. The main objective of the Tanta Mukti Scheme is to clear the small disputes, including civil and criminal cases in the villages. Moreover, the scheme is directly regulated and monitored by the police officials, police jawans with the coordination of personnel in the village. This initiative shall reduce the major conflicts that start as minor disputes.

Maharashtra Tanta Mukti Yojana 

This article explains the complete details about the Maharashtra Tanta Mukti Yojana, Features of the scheme, Implementation Schedule of the Tanta Mukti Scheme, Detailed information regarding the village dispute redressal scheme.

Features of Maharashtra Tanta Mukti Scheme 

Let us see the features and highlights of the Maharashtra Tanta Mukti Yojana launched by the Maharashtra State Government.

  • The scheme had a grand launch on 15th August 2007 in the rural areas, and the scheme was proposed to launch in the urban areas in 2011.
  • The significant objective behind the launch of this scheme is to avoid conflicts at the minor level that will turn into major crimes.
  • The disputes include minor conflicts, land-related disputes, cattle grazing, cremation grounds etc.
  • Moreover, the scheme had been launched in the name of Mahatma Gandhi Dispute Free Village Mission in the state.
  • The novel scheme decreases the number of pending cases piled in the judiciary.
  • The complaints redressal process is conducted by the Police Jawans, Police Officials in the villages and towns.
  • These pending cases/disputes are resolved without any help of Advocates, Lawyers, Judges or any judicial personnel.
  • The Maharashtra Tanta Mukti mission will create a great awareness among the men and women in the rural areas.
  • The scheme provides the sense of security among the people irrespective of their religion, caste, and economic backgrounds.
  • It also restricts the illegal activities of the middlemen in the villages.
  • Moreover, the Tanta Mukti initiative will also eradicate corruption in the state. 

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Schedule of the Implementation of the Tanta Mukti Scheme 

Unlike other schemes, the Tanta Mukti Yojana has the strict schedule, as shown below. 

  • The official campaign of the Tanta Mukti Scheme starts on 15th August every year.
  • The elections for village committees will also be conducted from 15th August to 30th August. 
  • The purpose is to determine the participation of Gram Panchayat Mohim by organizing gram sabha.
  • All the disputes in the villages will be commemorated before the date of 30th September.
  • Tanta Mukti Samiti will make efforts to end the disputes of the village till 31st March.
  • The objective of the mission is to make the villages dispute-free on 1st May.
  • The concerned police officials and tehsils will also be informed about the programs.
  • On 1st August every year, the state government remembers the villages that have been deserted.

All the interested citizens can visit the Official Portal of Maharashtra State and find out the complete details of the Tanta Mukti Scheme.

Maharashtra Tanta Mukti Yojana FAQs