TS Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2021, Apply Online, Check Status, List

September 29, 2021
TS Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2021

Telangana Government had decided to take off a new scheme from the 15th August 2021. The scheme was launched for the downtrodden natives of Telangana. This scheme has been inaugurated on 16th August 2021. Especially, the SC among all the casts is given the benefits more. The name of this scheme is Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2021. The Chief Minister of the Telangana Government, K. Chandrasekhar Rao has initiated this scheme to improve the condition of the downtrodden natives. From 80,000/- to 1, 00,000/- are granted for them. Generally, the Dalit community has been brought under this scheme.

The downtrodden people of the Dalit society have been suffering under poverty for so many years. Mainly, they have to struggle more for the landlords. However, Dalit society is a vital part of the Indian nation. They became the victims in India. So to enhance the lifestyle and economic conditions of the entire Dalit civilization, CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao has taken this mission through the Dalitha Bandhu Scheme. In this scheme, the Dalit society will be encouraged to engage in entrepreneurship. For this, they will be given up to 10 lakh not on hands but through bank accounts. Through this scheme, numerous families of Dalit society will be developing gradually.

Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme

This article explains the complete details about the Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2021, Documents Required, Eligibility Criteria, Step by Step Guide to Apply Online, Procedure to Check the Application Status Online, and View the List Online.

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TS Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Overview

  • The allowance of Telangana state-permitted capital towards Dalit empowering schemes and projects. On 25th June 2021, the Chief Minister K.C. Rao of the state convened an all-party conference with all the Dalit authorities and deputies of the state.
  • The major key point of the conference was that 11,900 Dalit families from 119 council communities were appointed for the monetary subsidy of Rs. 10 lakh each. This monetary subsidy was without any bank assurance.
  • The initial Dalit empowering project is enacted for Rs. 1200 crores and Rs. 200 crores for the pilot program in Huzurabad.

Official Website


Name of the scheme

Dalit Bandhu Scheme, 2021


Telangana Government

Initiated by

K. Chandrasekhar Rao


Entire Dalit society

Benefits of Dalitha Bandhu Scheme

Let us see find the benefits of the Dalitha Bandhu Scheme launched by the KCR Government.

  • The major purpose of this scheme is to enhance the lifestyle and monetary condition of the entire Dalit society as they are familiar with the backward society in India.
  • Dalit families are always suffering in the tortured conditions and are struggling with poverty level. So this scheme will provide them a vast benefit of entrepreneurship. They also can have the chance to thrive in their own business, their own identity in this society.
  • The families of the Dalit population have been benefited with a great amount of money that can be able to secure their future so well.
  • Through this scheme, several youths can transfer from unemployment to employed status.
  • Still now, approximately 1200 crore amount has been allocated for the families.
  • It is a welfare project to develop the lives of those victim families.
  • The entire project was governed by the Chief Minister himself.

Dalith Bandhu Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant who is willing to apply in this scheme is must be a resident of Telangana state.
  • The applicant should be a member of the Dalit community.
  • The applicant must be in the below level of poverty.

Documents Required for Dalith Bandhu

There are some essential documents which you have to submit.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Residential Proof
  • Mobile Number
  • Caste Certificate
  • Bank Account

How to Apply Online for Telangana Dalith Bandhu Scheme

The entire details about the scheme will be discussed on the official website of Telangana state

How to Apply Online for Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme
  • The details of the scheme of Dalit Scheme 2021 are mainly taken to uplift the victims of Dalit families.
  • Still, now, the Telangana State has proclaimed about the scheme, the benefits, eligibility criteria, and documents, but the procedure of registration is not disclosed. As per their notification, we will definitely update this article. The process will be given in detail soon.
  • The Telangana state has declared that about 11900 families are still now brought under the benefits of this scheme. And the state is feeling proud that they can arrange entrepreneurship for the unemployed Dalit youth.
  • Though it is hopefully thought that the registration form of Dalit Bandhu Registration Form 2021 will be available both offline and online.
  • We will keep you updated once there is an official announcement regarding the application process.

Telangana Dalitha Bandhu FAQs

What is the registration date of this TS Dalit Bandhu Scheme?

The date of registration of this scheme is not told by the Telangana government. The date will be announced soon.

Who will be eligible for this Dalit Bandhu Scheme 2021?

As the Dalit families are suffering the most in the entire community of India. So that only the victims of Dalit society are going to get all the benefits under the Dalit Bandhu Scheme 2021. They will get monetary help.

Is the Dalit Bandhu Scheme applicable for the residents out of Telangana State?

No, the scheme is only dedicated for the permanent residents of Telangana State.

How much budget has been allotted under the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Pathakam?

As many as Rs 1200 Crores has been allotted under the TS Dalit Bandhu Pathakam in the state.