Telangana Yantra Laxmi Scheme – How to Apply for Tractor Subsidy, Application Form 2022

tractor subsidy scheme

Agriculture is a major industry in India. Agriculture is the primary source of income for around half the people. To labour in the fields, farmers require tractors. It is seen as being crucial for agricultural activity. Owning a tractor greatly simplifies farming tasks. Tractors have therefore become a necessity for all farms.

Yantra Laxmi Telangana – Tractor Subsidy

The Telangana government has started a tractor financing and subsidy programme for local farmers called the Yantra Laxmi scheme. This is a division of the PM Kisan Tractor Subsidy Telangana. In accordance with the plan, the state government would offer a loan and a subsidy for the purchase of tractors. Farm Mechanization Scheme will offer a loan for 50% of the purchase price of tractors as well as other farm equipment together with a 50% subsidy. The Centre for the Mechanization of Agriculture is involved in the implementation of the plan.

tractor subsidy scheme

Who are eligible for the Yantra Laxmi scheme?

In 2018, the Telangana government give away 3,900 tractors. The project has funding of Rs. 14.89 crore from which Rs. 3 crores have already been spent by the central government. The program’s goal is to assist farmers and lower their expenses. Farmers should earn more money and spend less on labour thanks to the arrangement. Farmers in the state will benefit from tractor time savings and increased productivity from the Telangana tractor subsidy scheme. Here are the complete details about the eligibility requirements for this scheme.

  • Only farmers who live in the state of Telangana may apply for the programme.
  • The programme accepts applications from ambitious local farmers and cooperative groups.
  • Farmers who own 6 acres, or 2.51 hectors, or more land are eligible to enrol for the programme.
  • Marginal and small farmers will be prioritised.

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Benefits of the TS Tractor Subsidy 2022

Here is a complete list of all the benefits offered by the Telangana tractor subsidy scheme Tractor purchases made by individual farmers and cooperative organisations will get a 50% subsidy.

  • Financing from the nationalised banks for the balance of 50%
  • The subsidy covers the three matching items listed below, including the trailer.
  • Mini tractors, power weeders, and Rotators
  • Trans planters
  • According to the programme, a tractor that costs Rs. 10 lakh will only cost Rs. 5 lakh to farmers, who may then seek a loan from nationalised banks for the remainder of the Rs. 5 lakh.
  • A full subsidy of 100% will be offered to SC/ST farmers for the procurement of tractors, trolleys, and complementary equipment.

Key highlights for the Yantra Laxmi scheme

Here are the key features of the Yantra Laxmi scheme under the PM Kisan tractor subsidy Telangana.

  • A farmer may purchase a tractor from any business under this programme.
  • Each and every state in the nation has adopted this plan.
  • In addition to subsidies, farmers are provided loans to purchase tractors.
  • For access to the Telangana tractor subsidy scheme, farmers can register at their local CSC office.
  • Following registration, the farmers will get the benefit of the programme immediately into their bank accounts.
  • A farmer is only allowed to purchase one tractor, and in this programme, women farmers are given preference.
  • Farmers that participate in this programme should not participate in any other programmes that subsidise agricultural machinery.

Documents required to apply for the Yantra Laxmi scheme

Every CSC (Common Service Centre) Centre is now accepting registrations for the PM Kisan tractor subsidy Telangana. Framers can enrol them at the CSC facility closest to them. You will need to provide a few papers to the CSC Centre staff members in order to register.

Make sure you have the following paperwork with you:

  • Aadhaar, a voter card, a ration card, or a driver’s licence (any of the ones mentioned)
  • Bank Account information
  • 2 photos in passport size
  • Agriculture-related land records
  • Mobile phone number

How to apply for the Telangana tractor subsidy scheme under Yantra Laxmi

  • All Zonal Officers or Sub-Depot Incharges in the state have application forms for the Yantra Laxmi scheme, which interested farmers and cooperative organisations must complete.
  • Include the land records with your application.
  • Send the form and supporting documentation to the Zonal Officers or Sub-Depot Incharge at the local CSC office.
  • Following submission, the information will be checked and scrutinised, and the district levels will choose the recipients. In order to find out the status of their Yantra Lakshmi Scheme application, applicants can get in touch with the Zonal Officers or the Incharge of the Sub-Depot at the local CSC office.

Do note that there is no online application method and users will need to visit their local CSC office to apply for the Telangana tractor subsidy scheme.

*Note: Candidates are required to supply the name of one nominee, thus they must have their paperwork with them.