Vidyanjali Registration 2022 – Sign up as Volunteer, School or NGO

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Vidyanjali registration is now open. Interested and eligible applicants can signup as volunteers, schools or NGOs. Throughout this article, we are trying to explain the registration process in the simplest possible manner.

Did you just hear about the Vidyanjali program and want to register? This article covers the volunteer registration process on the Vidyanjali website. Along with that process of signup as an NGO or school is also explained. Let’s dive in.

The Ministry of Education has created the Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal to enhance schools via public and private sector involvement by the Indian government. Schools will be connected to a variety of Indian Diaspora volunteers through this site so they may impart their knowledge and expertise to public and publicly-funded schools. Additionally, they may help the schools grow by contributing resources like supplies, equipment, and assets.

Young professionals, graduates from schools, active and retired teachers, public servants, professionals, and many more individuals make up the numerous volunteers of the Indian diaspora who work with this scheme.

Vidyanjali scheme – How to Register

The Ministry of Education’s Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal’s primary goal is to support schools via community and business sector involvement. This site offers interested volunteers two methods to get in touch with their schools.

Volunteers can take part in school activities and provide services under the first approach, and they can assist government-run and government-aided institutions’ purchases of property, materials, and equipment to help the schools’ infrastructure. Additionally, volunteers can educate youngsters about job alternatives by imparting their experience and expertise. This gateway will also enhance the country’s education and employment rates.

Vidyanjali Registration 2022

In this section, you will know about the registration process on the portal. See how to register as a volunteer, school or NGO. Registration process is easy and fast. You can do it yourself by following the given steps.

Vidyanjali Volunteer Registration 2022 Process

If you are looking to register yourself with the Vidyanjali portal, users will have to complete the process on the official Vidyanjali portal at

  • First, head on to the official Vidyanjali portal at from any internet-connected device.
Vidyanjali Portal
  • Find the option for “Become a Volunteer” on the page and click it. Find the login page for the portal in the next stage.
vidyanjali registration page
  • Click on the “Volunteer Registration” option found on the right hand side of the page. Now, the user will be greeted with a volunteer registration on the Vidyanjali education gov in registration page. Choose the option for the type of registration you are looking to make.
volunteer registration
  • Choose the NGO option if you want to register your NGO on the portal
ngo registration
  • Now fill in all the details as mentioned on the page. Click on “Register” when done. Ensure to click on the declaration prompt to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Verify your mobile number using the OTP and complete Vidyanjali education gov in registration.

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Vidyanjali Scheme – Key Points for Volunteers

  • Volunteers must submit self-certification of property, resources, or equipment supplied as a contribution, showing that the assets are lawfully held by the volunteer and in excellent condition.
  • Additionally, volunteers can help out at schools by sponsoring events or providing upkeep services.
  • The yearly and ongoing upkeep of the land, resources, and equipment donated by the volunteers will also fall under their purview.
  • It will be necessary for the infrastructure donated by volunteers to be in good functioning order.
  • The minimum BIS marking is required on all property, materials, and equipment donated by volunteers.
  • The regular teachers at the school will oversee the academic work that the volunteers are doing.
  • Before providing their services at the school, volunteers must provide identification as verification of their identities.
  • Volunteers must also send the school a brief summary of their background and qualifications. The schools will determine the number of hours allotted for voluntary work.
  • Volunteers must uphold confidentiality and they cannot divulge private information concerning the operations, decisions, or practises of any individual, group, or social media platform.
  • The school, state, union territory, or federal government will not pay the volunteers in any way for their assistance or efforts.
  • Volunteers will need to maintain absolute confidentiality about any material pertaining to their work, policy, or use of social media.
  • The Ministry of Education’s Department of School Education and Literacy will have the discretion to alter or leave unchanged the terms and conditions regarding the contribution that the volunteers would make.
  • All volunteers must professionally provide their identity.
  • Volunteers must first submit their job report in the event of a school closure or a separation for whatever reason,
  • The volunteers cannot seek employment benefits at any ministry or departmental schools.
  • Any certificate that the school has given out in recognition or appreciation cannot be used to support an experience claim.
  • The school will determine the number of volunteer hours.
  • The Vidyanjali 2.0 web serves as a meeting place for volunteers and schools.
  • Contributions should not result in any temporary or permanent responsibility at the school, state, or national levels.

School Registration on Vidyanjali education gov portal

  • Head on to the official webpage of Vidyanjali registration at
  • Click on the “School Registration” option found on the right of the page.
school registration process
  • Fill in the details like UDISE code for the school and solve the captcha to complete the registration for schools. Click on Submit when done.
  • Get the complete school details on the next page. Fill in details like mobile number and email ID and click on the “Get OTP” option found at the bottom of the page.
  • Login using the registered mobile number on the Vidyanjali education gov in registration portal.
school head
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