WB Swasthaya Ingit | Online Telemedication, How to use & Apply for Consultation

We all have understood the importance of a strong medical infrastructure during the COVID pandemic. Urban people have easy access to hospitals while people belonging to rural & remote areas face difficulties for simple doctor consultation. That’s why it is important for the central & state governments to develop a facility that could help these people.

Recently, Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal has introduced a scheme called Swasthaya Ingit. Under this scheme, teleconsultation will be given to people belong to rural & remote areas. All people who are unable to consult a doctor physically can make use of the Swasthaya ingit scheme and get consultations over the phone.

During the launch of the telemedicine scheme in West Bengal, the chief minister informed that in the first phase, 2313 health centers will be made ready to offer telemedicine services. Later on, more centers will be added.

Swasthaya Ingit

Scheme NameWB Swasthaya Ingit Scheme
PurposeTo provide doctor consultation over audio, video calls
BeneficiariesPeople belonging to remote areas of West Bengal
Announced byCM Mamata Banerjee on 2nd August 2021

Key Features of Swasthaya Ingit Scheme

This project by Mamata Banerjee is similar to the center’s e-Sanjeevani project. Here are the key features of this scheme :

  • Consultation over the phone via Audio or video call
  • Immediate advice
  • Online Prescription by the doctor
  • Follow ups facility

Who will be benefitted

  1. People belonging to remote areas
  2. People seeking urgent doctor consultation
  3. Anybody who need a doctor’s advice but is not near any medical facility may take use of this scheme


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WB Swasthaya Ingit – How to Apply for Consultation

One can apply either via audio or video call.

Audio call option for people with basic options

Under this scheme, phone numbers will be released very soon. An interested person can dial the phone number and connect with the doctor. The doctor will give instant advice and generate an invoice. The link to download will be shared by SMS. Patients can download the invoice and get the required medicine.

Video Call option for people with Smartphones

People who have access to smartphones will be able to access the video call option. Using the official app or web link patients will be able to connect with the doctor via a video call. The doctor will understand queries and give immediate advice and send prescriptions online.

Very soon, the concerned department will release the phone numbers. People will be able to connect to doctors using the specified phone numbers. It has come to the knowledge that the department is preparing a dedicated portal for this scheme where detailed information regarding online consultation over audio, video calls will be shared. Swasthaya ingit mobile app will also be released to help interested people.


The nation has already seen a huge number of casualties during the COVID pandemic. Most of these deaths could have been stopped if expert advice was given. A large number of cases appeared in remote areas where there is no provision of immediate medical help. Schemes like Swasthaya ingit are required to offer medical advice to people belonging to remote areas. This way many casualties can be stopped and a better medical system can be developed in a large country like ours.

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