Apply for Vehicle Logbook online, V5C Apply New/Duplicate Form 2022

Vehicle Logbook Apply

Vehicle Log Book is an important document carried by the vehicle owners, also called V5C. It is generally used to track the registration and taxation history of a specific vehicle. In simple words, it acts to link a person to a specific vehicle by demonstrating who keeps the car. Moreover, the Logbook proves the ownership of the vehicle. The vehicle Log Book also gives the details of the vehicles, such as make, model, engine, chassis number etc. The V5C provides a physical copy of the information the DVLA holds in its database.

Vehicle Logbook Apply

This article explains the complete details about the Vehicle Logbook, Step by Step Guide to Apply Online for Vehicle Logbook Online, Procedure Apply for V5C New/Duplicate Form online on the official portal so that the vehicle owners can find all the details before buying the cars.

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Why do I should need a Vehicle Logbook?

Let us see why the vehicle owners should possess a vehicle logbook with them.

  • It provides a summary of your car’s information, and you should know it as a vehicle owner of your car.
  • It also tells you what a particular vehicle should have.
  • The vehicle owner can update any modifications regarding the car’s owner in the Logbook, such as car colour, parts, etc.
  • Moreover, it acts as an ongoing definition for a particular vehicle.
  • The Logbook also acts a proof when the vehicle is sold.
  • If you are buying a used vehicle, you can get to know its specifications through the Logbook.
  • If the Logbook describes a red, two-door, four-cylinder car, but you see a blue four-door, something’s not right. 
  • The Logbook assures that the seller is authorised to sell the car and that they say they are selling you is the vehicle you’ll receive. 
  • The owners should keep the V5C as long as they have a particular vehicle.

How to Apply for the V5C Vehicle Logbook Online 

Let us see the online procedure to apply for the UK Vehicle Logbook online, as shown below.

  • When a person buys a car, the previous owner or dealer will register him as the new owner.
  • Then, the new owner of the car receives his V5 document a couple of weeks later. 
  • However, you might need to know how to apply for a V5 for several other reasons.
  • The owners can also apply for a V5 if your car has been built, modified, rebuilt or imported. 
  • However, if you have not received the V5 form, you can still apply by downloading the V62 form to complete the registration.

Step by Step Guide to Apply New/Duplicate V5C Form 2022

Let us see the step by step guide to fill in the registration form to apply for the V5C New or Duplicate form.

  • Visit the Official Portal of the UK Government.
  • It takes the online users to the Home Page below.
  • Click Here to download the V62 application form online.
  • It then downloads the application form of V62 in PDF format.
  • It consists of two pages, and the first page consists of all the guidelines to fill in the form and other details.
  • Take a printout of the form and start entering the details manually.
  • Enter the Vehicle Registration Number, Make, Model, Colour, Tax Class, VIN Chassis or Frame Number under the Vehicle Details section.
  • Under the Keeper details, Select the respective title, and Enter the Business or Organisation Name, First Name, Surname.
  • However, the applicants can ignore the DVA/DVLA Fleet Number because it is for official purposes.
  •  Under the current address, enter House Number, Full Address, Post Town, Post Code, Date of Birth, Contact Number, and Contact Email Address.
  • Answer Yes/No for: Have you had a vehicle registration certificate (V5C) for this vehicle in your name?
  • Also, answer: if no, when did you get this vehicle?
  • Also, enter your driving license number.
  • Select the option: Why don’t you have a V5C?
  • Fill in the fee details and read the declaration statement.
  • Please keep the signature and date at the bottom of the form.
  • Also, enter the previous postcode at the bottom.

All the interested applicants can visit the official portal of the UK Government and apply online for the Logbook.

Apply for Vehicle Logbook Online FAQs