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Chingari, a short video creating an app, has launched its own crypto token “GARI” on September 16 in India. The tokens are specially created to support the creators and the viewers. Bollywood actor Salman khan unveiled the crypto token. Recently he tweeted about this on his account. At the launching event apart from actor Salman khan, VaaniKapoor other actors including SonaliSeygall, Kubra Sait, and other celebrities like Manieshpaul were also present. This social token has been developed by using block chain technology.

As per the blockbuster artist, Salman Khan this app will be the best journey of entertainment for the young generation. And the rewards, GARI will not merely be a reward program, but also a motivation for the new inventor. It will the capacity to engage more viewers to the more videos. It is one of the most interesting applications. Chingari’s block chain platform helps you to collect various tokens for preparing and observing content or videos. The purpose of this system is to monetize the users for thriving their talent with a credible amount of money. They are going to a great platform in India for the young generation.

Chingari Crypto Token

This article explains the complete details about the Chingari Crypto Token, Purpose of the Chingari Tokens, $Gari Tokens Download App, Step by Step Guide to Download Online on the Google Ply Store as shown in Play Store.

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According to the company, this platform will help to create an “e-commerce space for the physical merchandiserse, NFT creations, and the ability for the fan community to fund for the creators.”

Chief Operating Executive of Solana Labs Raj Gokal has asserted, “Collective ownership of social platforms like Chingari has the potential to upend the creator-platform relationship and unlock new monetization models for creators. Solana blockchain’s high throughput, low transaction fees, and fast finality make it a great foundation for platforms targeting global adoption.”

Purpose of Chingari Crypto Tokens

Let us see the purpose of the Chingari Crypto Tokens, as shown below.

Now let’s take a look at the purpose of “GARI” tokens:

  • As mentioned earlier the tokens will help the creators to build an e-commerce platform for physical merchandise and will be used in the exchange for the physical merchandise as well.
  • The company has developed the coins using blockchain Solana that will be circulated on the platform
  • The viewers will also see advertise in the app which is also a form of rewarding creators using gari coins
  • As the tokens are both available to watch content and create content, the tokens can be seen as a way to monetize the platform.

Chingari $Gari Token Dowload App

Let us see the online procedure to download the Chingari $Gari Token Download App.

Now the question is how to download the app

Chingari $Gari Token Dowload App
Chingari Short Video App

Well, that’s as easy as ABC.

  • First of all, go to the play store or app store on your mobile 
  • Enter the name of the app on the search bar
  • Choose the official one and tap on the install button
  • Now open the app after installation
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the app
  • Choose your language
  • Tap on the new user button and give the required information and submit
  • Then login with a username and password
Chingari $gari app
Chingari Mobile App Download

That’s it. You are good to go. Now you can create your videos according to your talent or you can surf through the app and choose your favorite creator and support them with Gari tokens and you can also chat with new people and make social friends. What is more interesting is that you can choose and make videos in your language instead of choosing only English. There are various types of languages like Marathi, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bangla. When we use an app the most important part is privacy. As it is an Indian app we can trust this app totally and our data will be safe and not handled by foreign countries.

All the interested online users should visit the play store and download the chingari mobile app.

FAQs on Chingari $Gari App