UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme – Eligibility, How to Apply

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Until Christmas 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) intends to grant 10,500 short-term work visas to foreign truck drivers and poultry workers.

In the run-up to Christmas, 5,000 HGV drivers will be permitted to enter the UK for a three-month period, providing temporary relief to the haulage industry.

Additional short-term HGV drivers and poultry workers will be recruited beginning in October, with visas valid until 24 December 2021. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is preparing to process the necessary visa applications in a timely manner once they are submitted.

The recent news is that the United Kingdom is inviting foreign nationals to work as Truck Drivers in their country through the Truck Driver Visa Scheme. The UK is to form thousands of emergency temporary work visas accessible to handle crucial labor lacks within the draw and food process industries. Under the temporary visa theme proclaimed by the govt., a complete of 10,500 three-month work permits are going to be issued by the house workplace, in a shot to ‘save Christmas’ for Britain.

Scarcities in HGV drivers transferring petrol to petrol stations have semiconductor diode to long queues, panic shopping for and closure of some hydrocarbon stations. The food trade has conjointly been stricken by shortages in labor among factories and draw, leading to shortages of food provides to supermarkets and diners.

UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme

In this article, you are going to share some information about UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme, Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the Scheme, Procedure to Apply Online for the Scheme, and Application process on the official portal.

Nicola Digby asserted, “Workers of all nationalities are invited to apply, with the majority expected to come from the EU. Although exact criteria for the scheme have not yet been released, it is anticipated that the visas will form part of the T5 Temporary Worker category.”

The applicants are permitted from October 2021 for applying for the visa. With the help of the visa, the applicants can be able to work between October to December. Even the government has initiated temporary visas of around 5,500 for the poultry workers. With this seasonal visa, they can work for six months in the UK.

The Chief Executive of the great industry Innovative, Arnoux Mare has announced that South Africans truck drivers are always in high demand. He did not announce clearly how many truck drivers are working in foreign, but the lack in the number of drivers is declared. But the drivers need a license and proper training about the rules of every road.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme

  • The truck driver has to be a valid passport.
  • They are expected to have an EEA, EU, and Swiss license for driving HGV tankers.
  • They must have an HGV fuel driver’s approval note by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.
  • The person should enter the UK to undertake work, as an HGV fuel truck driver between 1 October 2021 and 15 October 2021.
  • They must have evidence of funds.

Concession for Temporary Leave for Truck Drivers

If you wish to get involved under the concession, the Border officer will permit you.

  • If you are competent to be analysed under this concession – you must be a non-visa federal; and you must carry a relevant legal national passport, an EEA license, and declaration of driving HGV fuel tankers, and an HGV fuel driver’s approval letter from BEIS.
  • If they are pleased that you are honestly pursuing access for the motive of attempting assistance as an HGV fuel tanker driver.
  • If you will be able to retain and adjust yourself without resort to public reserves.
  • If you plan to quit the UK at the end of your period of consent.

Once the Border Force officer gets impressed with your honesty and determination for working in the UK. You will surely be granted to work in the UK for 31st March 2022.

Temporary Worker Categories for Lorry Drivers

There are three multiple subcategories of temporary workers.

  • Creative and sporting visa
  • Seasonal visa and
  • Charity worker visa.

Each temporary worker or the applicant must have to carry a sponsorship certificate and it’ll be 100% original issued by the Home office-authorized sponsor.

  • Creative and Sporting visa – In the creative department, the workers are granted to work in the UK for at least 12 months. Here the creative workers have a contribution to the development of the entertainment realm in this country. The creative work departments are generally dance, theatre, singing, art, film, and entertainment world. Here the sponsorship must be approved by the sponsors related to the creative world such as producer, organizer, etc.

  • A sporting visa is for the person who has much tribute to the success of the sports and games. If you are applying for a sports visa, then your sponsorship should be approved by the sports department or sports club, organization, etc.
  • Seasonal Worker Visa – Generally, if you have a seasonal worker visa. Then you can stay and work in the UK for 6 to 12 months. And before joining your job, you will be granted to come here 14 days ago. You can only do the job which is sponsored. Even withholding the jobs, for the sake of the betterment of your skill. You can also continue some courses.

  • Charity worker visa – On this visa, you will also be granted to live here for 6 to 12 months. But if your age is less than 18, then you have to carry an approval application written by your parents.

How to apply for UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme for Foreign Lorry Drivers

Let us see the procedure to apply online for the UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme dedicated for Foreign Lorry Drivers. This can happen by contacting the Recruitment Operators on the portals.

Process to Contact AG Recruitment Operator

  • Please visit the Official Portal of AG Recruitment Operator.
  • It takes the online users to the Home Page below.
Process to Contact AG Recruitment Operator for UK Truck Driver Jobs
  • Click on the Apply Now Option available in the Menu Bar.
Application Form for AG Recruitment Operator for Truck Driver Jobs
  • Enter the First Name, Surname, Email, Phone Number, Nationality, and Select the Current Location.
  • Click on the Agreement: I agree that AG Recruitment can contact me with interview and job information.
  • Now, Click on the Apply Now button.
  • After submitting the application, the AG Recruitment persons will contact in a short time.

Process to Contact Concordia Recruitment Operator

  • Please go and visit the Official Portal of Concordia.
  • It takes the online users to the Home Page below.
Process to Contact Concordia Recruitment Operator
  • Click on the Seasonal Work option available in the menu bar.
Process to Contact Concordia Recruitment Operator
  • It then displays the different options through which you can select the preference of your choice and apply.

Procedure to Contact Fruitful Jobs Recruitment Operator

  • Please visit the Official Portal of Fruitful Jobs.
  • It takes the online users to Home Page below.
Procedure to Contact Fruitful Jobs Recruitment Operator
  • Click on the Job Seekers option available at the menu bar.
  • It then expands into a drop-down with multiple options.
  • Select and Click on the Register button available on the Menu Bar.
Contact Fruitful Jobs Recruitment Operator
  • Enter your First Name, Surname, Gender, Nationality, Email, Mobile Number, including International Code.
  • Click on the checkbox: We may use your email for our marketing purposes but will never share your details. Please read our full privacy policy here. Please tick to confirm your consent.
  • Click on the submit button to finish the registration process.
  • The recruiters will then contact you with suitable job openings.

Procedure to Apply for jobs through Pro-Force Recruitment Operator

  • Please visit the Official Portal of Pro-Force Recruitment Operator.
  • It then lands the online users on the Home Page below.
Procedure to Apply for jobs through Pro-Force Recruitment Operator
  • Click on the concerned section.
  • It then redirects the online users to the following page below.
Apply for jobs through Pro-Force Recruitment Operator
  • Click on the Click Here to apply link at the end.
  • It then displays different fields through which you can start your job search as per your skills and qualifications.
Apply Truck Driver Visa Scheme jobs through Pro-Force Recruitment Operator
  • It then completes the job registration process on the portal. Moreover, the recruiters will contact you once they think your profile matches your requirement.

With more than 1,000 vacancies across the UK, it’s clear that the UK government is investing in a long-term approach to overcoming their current shortage of lorry drivers. However, in offering these positions to those coming from overseas, are they creating an exodus of British lorry drivers who can’t find jobs in yet another undercutting of British talent? The Prime Minister has stated that people coming over on these work visas are allowed to exercise their right to come back to the country as EU citizens after leaving. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen and it may simply just provide another incentive for them to go back to their home countries after they get paid here.

FAQS on UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme

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